What influences promotion?

Starting to promote the resource, the specialists of our company, first of all, analyze a number of its technical indicators. You ask why? The fact is that the result of the promotion affects not only the quality of the content, which is obvious, but also the overall condition of the site. Therefore, we take into account:

Site age
Age resources are most trusted by search engines, so they move better than young resources (age from 0 months to 1 year).

Site code status
Sites with "garbage" code are indexed worse and less often shown in search engine results, and this affects the result of promotion.

Presence of viruses
Sites with a virus on board are marked as dangerous in the search results or are excluded from it and fall under search engine filters.

Page loading speed
This indicator is directly related to the ease of use of the site, not every visitor will waste time and wait until the page is fully loaded.

Content quality
Search engines are actively fighting for the quality of content and reduce sites that have not neglected plagiarism in the issuance, so texts should be given attention.

Site structure
Sites with a multi-level structure are indexed worse. It is more difficult for users to get to the desired pages, what is good for users is good for promotion.

Stages of promotion

Work on website promotion is carried out in several stages, and the analysis of the technical component of the site is only the first of them. Having drawn conclusions about what technical developments are needed, we proceed to their implementation, compiling a semantic core and writing texts. Resource promotion requires the efforts of a team of specialists and significant time costs. However, all this in the future pays off with a successful result!

Terms of cooperation and results

Having ordered a search promotion of a resource in the company "SeoNix", you will definitely be satisfied. And it's not just our professionalism and individual approach that almost every company is ready to promise today. The reason is in the conditions of cooperation with us and the results that will not keep you waiting.

Price from 10400 UAH
The cost of promotion depends on the number of keywords, the competitiveness of the topic and other factors, so it is calculated individually.

Result from 2 months.
It takes some time to prepare the resource for promotion, writing texts and indexing them, but the result is worth it.

Transparent reporting
You will be regularly informed about the progress and results of the resource promotion by providing reports and statistical data.